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B3_Cafelogo_thumb.JPGOkay, I'm not one to play favorites, but if I was going to stoop to such a thing, Bikes, Beans & Bordeaux (a.k.a. B3 Cafe) would be my client pick. I am so in love with this place: the people behind it, the food they serve, their community-mindedness....everything. This is just a great business. I met Jen & Darrell Cunningham before B3 ever opened its doors. Launching the business was in the works and they came to me for help with brand identity. We went out for dinner (note: treating me to dinner will always help your case) and as I listened to Jen & Darrell share their vision and dreams for their business, I got swept up in their excitement. Brand story content just started writing itself in my head.

The first thing that came was the tagline: Where Upscale Meets Down to Earth. Then the general brand story just fell into place. The overall process was extremely gratifying for me not only because B3's style and voice so closely align with my own (translation: they give me creative license to write just about anything I want), but also because owners (and now, dear friends) Jen & Darrell were so over-the-moon pleased with the end result of our collaboration:


“OMG!!!  This was utterly and totally AMAZING, Cris.  We both got chills reading the content you came back with!!!! You have done an amazing job listening to us and being aware of what brand we are trying to create.  We could not be happier. Seriously, I had tears in my eyes! You truly understand our vision and helped develop it with your big picture thinking, attention to detail and thoroughness. And made it even stronger with your wit and freshness. Thank you SO very much.  We are honored!” -- Jennifer & Darrell Cunningham, Owners


So, if you are ever in Orlando, make sure to drop by this gem of a place and see why their mantra is "B Yourself at B3". (Oh, and be sure to try the waffle!: uh, YUM!!!!)

PROJECT: brand strategy and marketing content

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